Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Ambitions 2025 in action

Transformations within our key areas of success

Crédit Agricole’s ambitions are based on a digital relationship model enhanced by human responsibility. For customers, this means having completely digital key journeys and human assistance in real time.

  • Supported by the ambitious “IT 2025” programme, our digital transformation requires Crédit Agricole Group in its entirety to be on board so that we can offer our customers and employees increasingly seamless products and processes based on the highest technological standards.

    Completely digital key paths, augmented by human responsibility

    Combining the best digital experience with the potency of personalised advice and human assistance throughout the relationship is the essence of our commitment to all our customers and the point of the Group’s digital transformation.

    Customer highlights in 2023:

    • Subscriptions to 100% self-care1 are growing steadily, while the Regional Banks will expand their efforts in dynamic sectors such as consumer finance, insurance and opening accounts for young people.
    • More than 190,300 subscriptions to LCL Flex, a 100% mobile, mini consumer finance app, which demonstrates the performance of the mobile digital experience.
    • Development of the online banking business: new positioning for BforBank and 2,000 new accounts opened each month with Blank – the small business bank – via the Propulse by CA and LCL Essentiel offerings. See also Other business lines
    Three out of four customers use the Group’s banking apps daily.

    Employee highlights in 2023:

    • Launch of the “Digit Academy”, which has already signed up 1,600 employees (5,000 are expected in 2024) for digital acculturation and training, focusing on the challenges and technology involved.
    • The rollout of agile methods is continuing in all Group entities.
    CA-GIP, active in the digital transformation of Crédit Agricole Group Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform (CA-GIP), a specialised entity, develops and operates the Group’s technological platforms. These provide the foundations for the digital transformation and include the private cloud, data/AI capabilities, access to public cloud solutions, workstations, collaborative services and cybersecurity.

    A three-year IT programme and investments

    The “IT 2025” programme is undergoing a major technological transformation, which is being rolled out in a series of sub-programmes.

    • Developing our technology for digital acceleration: managing the consumption of information system resources; launching Microsoft Teams for the Group’s employees; working with entities to develop a regulatory framework for the use of artificial intelligence.
    • Establishing minimum best practices: ensuring responsible digital governance in line with the Group’s CSR ambitions; managing expenditure.
    • Capitalising on and investing in solid foundations: making cybersecurity training compulsory; setting up Design Authorities to improve governance and consistency in the use of technology building blocks.
    2022-2025 trajectory €20bn
    in IT investment, of which €1.3 billion ring-fenced for the “IT 2025” programme

    Innovation in action: Crédit Agricole Group’s Start-up Studio

    In 2023, the Start-up Studio – a mainstay of the Group’s innovation policy – celebrated five years of exploring the changing needs of our customers. To enhance the future of banking, the Start-up Studio innovates by creating start-ups in different fields:

    • Supporting societal transitions such as the rental economy with Sline (together with CA Consumer Finance), the emergence of freelance professionals in the labour market with Propulse by CA (formerly Je suis Entrepreneur (“I am an Entrepreneur”)), and short supply chains with J’Aime mon Producteur local (“I Love My Local Producer”).
    • Simplifying corporate life by making financial management easier for organisations, entrepreneurs and VSBs/SMEs with Yapla, Kolecto and Blank, respectively.

    “With its Datalab, which was built in 2016, the Group is continuing to invest in artificial intelligence (generative or otherwise) and find new ways to improve security, enhance the customer experience and offer the best deals for each customer. The Group is also contributing to the emergence of sovereign payment solutions, notably in association with Worldline, a global leader in payments, and is preparing for game-changing developments such as Bank Connect2.”

    1 A practice that allows customers to manage their own account and make purchases independently via a website or mobile app.
    2 Interbank project to develop a standard digital authentication solution.

  • Our Human Project is at the very centre of the Crédit Agricole S.A. “Ambitions 2025” Medium-Term Plan. It is aimed at pursuing our organisational, cultural and human transformation.

    Our major actions in 2023:

    A new executive training programme

    Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Human Resources Department is sending all of its executives on a development course designed jointly with HEC Paris and SDA Bocconi, a graduate business school in Milan, Italy.

    This executive programme, entitled “Un leadership pour développer sans cesse le potentiel de chacun” (“Leadership to continuously develop everyone’s potential”) is part of the “Leadership, sens et mise en responsabilité” (“Leadership, meaning and accountability”) programme implemented in the previous Medium-Term Plan. It aims to support Group executives involved in the Human Project and Societal Project to accelerate their own transformation and management style for their teams, especially by the virtuous circle that is created by the dynamic between trust, accountability and sustainable performance.

    At 31 December 2023 22%
    of executives had completed this training.

    Continued managerial transformation

    In 2023, the organisational and managerial transformation process, propelled by the Human Project, continued within Crédit Agricole S.A.’s entities, with actions to promote accountability based on new managerial practices, training courses and awareness programmes.

    Since 2019, these actions have reached more than 37,000 employees at all hierarchical levels in France and internationally.

    Listening to employees with the Empowerment Index

    Our Indice de Mise en Responsabilité (Empowerment Index, IMR) measures the managerial and cultural transformation central to our Human Project around five key topics: empowerment, discernment, trust, courage and taking initiatives.

    In 2023, new topics related to the Societal Project were included in the survey to assess employees’ understanding of our strategy and role as “an actor in a sustainable society”. Several open-ended questions were also added to gain a better understanding of the concerns of employees and to elicit more spontaneous proposals in order to identify the levers for accelerating the necessary transformations.

    In 2023 62 000
    employees worldwide responded to the survey.

    The 83% turnout represented a new record for the survey, which was first carried out in 2016, and was two percentage points higher than in 2022.

    “The expansion of our Human Project becomes more tangible each day: this year, 81% of employees say they feel empowered. This should give us even more of an incentive to continue implementing it in the long term, in the spirit of trust that we all share.”

    Human Project monitoring indicators (Crédit Agricole S.A. and its subsidiaries)

    Attractiveness 12,445 Cumulative number of young people welcomed during the calendar year
    Employee retention and engagement 35.3% Percentage of women on Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Executive Committee
    Employee retention and engagement 2.5 million Total number of training hours
    Working environment and conditions 212 Number of agreements signed
    Working environment and conditions 3% Absenteeism rate

    2023 data