Strategy and value creation

Societal commitment in action

In 2019, the Group underscored its commitment with the formalisation of the Societal Project, which has since grown steadily and increased in size. This roadmap for a just transition is driven by the Group’s ambition to support all its customers in the move to a more sustainable economy, and to position itself as a facilitator and accelerator of all societal transitions.

To implement this strategy, Crédit Agricole Group relies on the uniqueness of its Universal Customer-focused Banking model, its community of elected representatives and mutual shareholders and the collective power of its business lines and entities. In a world where local action has become a driving force for the economy and social cohesion, the Group’s roots within regions are a major advantage in supporting their accelerated transformation through innovative, solidarity-based economic and social solutions.

Following the creation of a CSR Department in 2011, then a Societal Project Department in 2019, the addition in June 2023 of a Sustainability & Impact Department, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A., marks a new phase in Crédit Agricole’s ambition to make environmental and societal issues the core focus of its philosophy and strategic action.

“The Sustainability & Impact Department was set up to define, promote, lead and coordinate the environmental and societal initiatives of Crédit Agricole Group, so as to encourage the widest possible dissemination of a responsible, sustainable approach in all its activities and stakeholder relations.”

The three pillars of the Societal Project