Business model

Our Raison d’être :

Working every day in the interest of our customers and society


  • Redefined geopolitical balances
  • New interest rate environment
  • Multifaceted competition
  • New customer expectations
  • Societal and local changes
  • Climate change and biodiversity deterioration

Our resources

  • Our DNA
  • A diverse geographic footprint
  • Our teams
  • Our technological expertise
  • Our commitment to transitions
  • Our governance
  • Our diversified partnerships
  • Our financial capital

Our services

  • Supporting and advising our customers throughout the various key moments in their lives

  • Providing financing, savings and insurance solutions

  • Developing investment solutions

  • Offering complementary services (payment instruments, property, mobility, healthcare etc.)

  • Supporting the energy transition of all of our customers and contributing to the decarbonisation of society

Our Group project

Define our priorities so we can act in the interest of each of our customers, based on the goals set out in our Raison d’Être
Publicise our goal of acting in the collective interest of society, based on three priorities: climate, social cohesion and agricultural and agri-food adaptation
Ensure that the Group’s women and men have a key role to play in companies that are increasingly governed by digital processes

Our foundation: the 39 Regional Banks

Maintain a locally rooted commercial relationship with each costumer and invest in regional economic development

Our value creation

  • For our customers
  • For our employees
  • For our shareholders and investors
  • For public authorities and partners
  • For civil society and the environment