Strategy and value creation

Raison d’être and the Group Project

Our Raison d’être: “Working every day in the interest of our customers and society”

Our Raison d’être expresses Crédit Agricole’s aim to be the trusted partner of all its customers. It reflects how Crédit Agricole demonstrates its usefulness and availability to all its customers, and its commitment to society and the environment by supporting progress and transformation.

Group Project: reconciling the customer interests of all our entities, societal issues and respect for our mutualist values

The Group Project presents three interwoven aspects that form a unique relationship model:

  • The Client Project defines our priorities so we can act in the interest of each of our customers, based on the goals explicitly set out in the Raison d’Être.
  • The Human Project ensures that the Group’s women and men have a key role to play in companies that are increasingly governed and organised by digital processes.
  • The Societal Project publicises our goal of acting in the collective interest of society, based on three key priorities: climate, social cohesion and the agricultural and agri-food transition.

These three aspects have been enhanced by the 10 commitments of the Societal Project, which were unveiled in 2021. This undisputed societal programme for Crédit Agricole S.A.’s “Ambitions 2025” Medium-Term Plan is supplemented by the climate strategy published in December 2022 and reinforced in December 2023.