A responsible and committed governance

Crédit Agricole S.A.’s governance balances the priority of the interests of the customers of all the entities comprising the Group, societal and environmental issues and the respect for the mutual values that form the basis of the identity of Crédit Agricole Group.

“In order to step up the consideration of societal and environmental issues, in 2023 the Board of Directors decided to create the Societal Commitment Committee as a continuation of its strengthening of executive governance, which has also established a Sustainability & Impact Department.”

  • Composition of the Board of Directors

    21 Directors, including 18 elected at the General Meeting

    Average age: 58
    Women 50%
    Men 50%

    • SAS Rue La Boétie: represented by a Regional Bank Chief Executive Officer
    • 10 Chairmen or Chairwomen or Chief Executive Officers from Crédit Agricole Regional Banks, including the Chairman of the Board
    • 2 representatives appointed by the two trade unions that secured the most votes in the company elections (Art. L. 225-27-1 and L. 225-18 of the French Commercial Code)
    • 1 representative of the professional farming associations appointed jointly by the French Minister of Agriculture and the French Minister of Finance (per Article L. 512-49 of the French Monetary Code)
    • 1 director representing employee shareholders
    • 6 independent directors: 6 persons from outside the Group
    • Participants without voting rights: 3 non-voting Directors, 1 representative of the Social and Economic Committee

    A highly mobilised Board in 2023

    In 2023, the Board of Directors was particularly attentive to the consequences of the slowdown in the economy, caused by higher-than-expected inflation, higher central bank policy rates and geopolitical tensions marked by the return of deadly regional conflicts. Against this backdrop, but also in the face of unforeseen events such as natural disasters, the entire Group has rallied together to support its customers.

    As a symbol of its involvement in the profound changes taking place in our society, both now and in the future, the Board of Directors decided to establish a Societal Commitment Committee which, prior to approval from the Board, examined the Group’s climate strategy and the new sector-specific policies for decarbonising the economy.

    In 2023, the Board held 11 plenary meetings, including two strategic seminars, one dedicated to governance monitoring of climate commitments, and the other to monitoring the implementation of the “Ambitions 2025” Medium-Term Plan.

    The Board of Directors also approved a number of development operations in the form of capital and/or strategic partnerships: the acquisition of RBC’s investor services business in Europe; the partnership with Banco BPM in non-life insurance in Italy; the acquisition by CA Consumer Finance of automotive mobility activities; the acquisition of a stake in the capital of Degroof Petercam bank; as well as the conclusion of a framework partnership agreement with Worldline in the field of merchant electronic payment system services in France, backed up by an investment in its capital.

    The Board of Directors and its Specialised Committees

    Board of Directors
    The Board approves and sets the strategic guidelines proposed by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A., authorises the Group’s strategic investments, determines the general principles of internal financial organisation and supervises the Group’s operations, most notably as regards risk.

    21 members
    11 meetings
    97% attendance

    Audit Committee
    Oversees the financial statement preparation process.

    6 members
    5 meetings
    100% attendance
    1 Independent Chairwoman

    Joint Risk/Audit Committee

    9 members
    10 meetings
    97% attendance
    2 Independent Chairwomen

    Risk Committee
    Reviews the Group’s risk management strategy, including financial and operational risks.

    5 members
    6 meetings
    96% attendance
    1 Independent Chairwoman

    Compensation Committee
    Proposes compensation policies to the Board and ensures their compliance.

    6 members
    5 meetings
    100% attendance
    1 Independent Chairwoman

    US Risk Committee
    Monitors risk related to activities conducted directly by the Group’s entities in the United States.

    3 members
    9 meetings
    100% attendance
    1 Independent Chairwoman

    Strategy Committee
    Enhances the Group’s strategic thinking on growth and investments.

    7 members
    2 meetings
    100% attendance
    1 Chairman: Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Appointments and Governance Committee

    Proposes or issues opinions on appointments and corporate officers.

    6 members
    5 meetings
    100% attendance
    1 Independent Chairwoman

    Societal Commitment Committee
    Examines the CSR guidelines and the climate strategy.

    7 members
    1 meeting
    67% attendance
    1 Chairman: Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • As the main executive body of Crédit Agricole S.A., the Executive Committee implements the strategy and directs the Group’s activity. It meets twice a month.

    Philippe Brassac - Chief Executive Officer Olivier Gavalda - Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Universal BankJérôme Grivet - Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Steering and Control functions Xavier Musca - Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Large Customers

    Valérie Baudson - Chief Executive Officer of Amundi Alexandra Boleslawski - Chief Risk Officer Martine Boutinet - Head of ComplianceEric Camops _ Chief Sustainability and Impact Officer Bénédicte Chrétien - Crédit Agricole S.A. Group Head of Human Resources Nicolas Denis - Chief Executive of Crédit Agricole Assurances Véronique Faujour - Corporate Secretary Gérald Grégoire - Deputy General Manager, Head of Customer and Development Serge Magdeleine - Chief Executive Officer of LCL Giampiero Maioli - Head of Crédit Agricole Italy Jean-Paul Mazoyer - Deputy General Manager, Head of Technology, Digital and Payments Stéphane Priami - Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Consumer FinanceLaurence Renoult - Head of Internal Audit