Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Ambitions 2025 in action

A natural amplification of our expansion

Crédit Agricole’s development model, which offers limitless growth potential, is built around retail banking and the competitive, innovative business lines that serve them.

  • The Group’s retail banking is underpinned by specialised business lines, which, as leaders in Europe, are continuing to develop and expand their offerings to respond to new trends and support transitions.

    Three drivers:

    • Continual innovation of the business lines to meet our customers’ needs;
    • Gradual rollout of these new offerings;
    • Acquisition of new customers, facilitated by our attractive model (universal customer capture: one in three French people).

    Delivering real development potential to all our business lines:

    • Household loans:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 29.5%
      • Last available market share: 30.2%
    • Asset management:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 26.9%
      • Last available market share: 29.5%
    • Payments:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 27.7%
      • Last available market share: 27.8%
    • Individual death & disability insurance:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 20.8%
      • Last available market share: 21.9%
    • Borrowers’ insurance:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 17.7%
      • Last available market share: 19.1%
    • Life insurance:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 14.8%
      • Last available market share: 14.9%
    • Property and casualty insurance:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 6.5%
      • Last available market share: 6.8%
    • Real estate:
      • Market share published during the launch of the MTP: 2.7%
      • Last available market share: 3.8%
    • New business lines for the 2025 MTP:
      • CA Transitions & Énergies:
        • Last available market share: 1.5%
      • CA Santé & Territoires:
        • Last available market share: 1.5%

    1 CA Transitions & Énergies
    2 CA Santé & Territoires


    See also Business lines in the presentation of Crédit Agricole Group

  • In an uncertain environment, Crédit Agricole S.A. is able to rely on strong organic growth potential. The Group is aiming for one million additional retail banking customers in France, Italy and Poland by 2025 and intends to increase the number of customers with protection insurance, savings and real estate solutions. Its objective is to expand and adapt its offers (more accessible, more responsible and more digital) in order to meet new needs.

    Dynamic activity in all our markets in 2023

    • Gross customer capture for Crédit Agricole Group: 1.9 million new customers (net customer capture of +191,000)
    • €876 billion in retail bank loans outstanding (Regional Banks, LCL, CA Italia)
    • €823 billion in retail bank on-balance sheet deposits (Regional Banks, LCL, CA Italia)
    • 15.8 million property and casualty insurance contracts
    • +€2,500 billion in assets under management
    • €6.1 billion in underlying corporate and investment banking revenues
    • +1 million vehicles financed by CA Consumer Finance
    +1,9 M

    new customers for Crédit Agricole Group

    Significant progress in all business divisions

    Retail banking

    01. Regional Banks

    • Gross customer capture: 1.1 million new customers.
    • 21.1 million individual customers, 24.6% of the French household bank deposit market and 24.1% of the French household credit market (source: internal data, December 2023).
    • Leaders in the retail market of individuals above 18 years old (source: Sofia Kantar TNS 2022), in the retail market of individuals under 18 years old (source: Baromètre Jeunes 2022 CSA), in the agricultural market (84% share; source: Adéquation 2023), and in the small business market (24% penetration rate; source: Pépites CSA 2021-2022), and ranked second in the corporate market (38%; source: Kantar 2023).

    02. LCL

    • Gross customer capture: 331,000 new customers.
    • Highly digitalised urban customers: 73% digital customers.
    • Development of new transactional websites for individuals and small businesses.
    • Continual improvements to the mobile app and websites with new features (option of applying for savings products and insurance policies etc.).
    • Development of a range of responsible products, loans and investments, encompassing all customer markets (LCL Impact Climat, LCL Impact Sociétal et Solidaire etc.).
    “LCL is continuing the momentum by making customer satisfaction its number one priority, with the aim of offering customers a unique, tailor-made experience. As such, we are proud to have been voted “Customer Service of the Year 2024” and to be the highest-rated bank on Google.”

    Serge Magdeleine,
    Chief Executive Officer of LCL

    03. CA Italia

    • Gross customer capture: 175,000 new customers.
    • Improved range of ESG products, including the mutuo GreenBack preferential-rate mortgage loan for homes with an energy rating between A and C.
    • New offerings via digital channels, for savings (Amundi) and personal loans (Agos).
    • Distribution of sustainable mobility solutions with Drivalia, for individuals and small businesses (in-branch Drivalia Mobility Stores).
    “In Crédit Agricole’s second-largest domestic market, CA Italia is continuing to develop new offerings with the support of the Group’s business lines. These offerings are more digital and more in line with our societal commitments. The bank has also been voted top for customer satisfaction, owing to the commitment of all our employees.”

    Giampiero Maioli,
    Head of Crédit Agricole Italia and Crédit Agricole Group Senior Country Officer for Italy

    04. Other relationship banks


      • Gross customer capture: 237,000 new customers.
      • Ranked second in the market for customer satisfaction.
      • Improved positioning in consumer finance (no. 1 for customer service).
      • Continual improvement of the CA24 mobile app and the bank’s digital positioning.
      • New positioning (“CA full of benefits”) and CA brand enhancement.


      • Best banking app in Egypt in 2023.
      • Significant growth in digital use among customers.
      • Expansion of the offering to corporates (e-commerce, regulatory payments), resulting in the acquisition of new corporate/mid-cap customers.
      • Continued growth in the SME and individual customer segment.

    Crédit Agricole Ukraine is continuing to support its 385,000 customers and the Ukrainian economy: 89% of its 140 branches have continued to operate on a permanent basis and essential services have been maintained. This is reflected in selective support for agriculture and a few business sectors traditionally served by the bank. Furthermore, the Group has continued to demonstrate its solidarity with Ukrainian society, particularly with humanitarian financial support for paediatric medical structures, and with CA Ukraine’s 2,000-plus employees.

    Specialised Financial Services

    01. Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

    • Accelerated development to become a leader in low-carbon mobility: full lease offering via Leasys (with Stellantis), geographical expansion with the full consolidation of CA Auto Bank (formerly FCA Bank) and its subsidiary Drivalia, the ramp-up of the Agilauto platform and the launch of Agilauto Partage in rural areas.
    • Expansion of the range of automotive services (warranties, maintenance contracts, delivery etc.).
    • Digital journeys of consumer finance based on industry gold standards.

    02. Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring

    • Development in multi-asset mobility: long-term car rental offered by Agilauto (a joint subsidiary with CA CF) for LCL’s small business and corporate market and most of the Regional Banks; commercial electric vehicle pilot with Watèa.
    • Launch of the CSR Factoring range: factoring solutions for corporates of all sizes looking to adopt a CSR approach.
    • Circular economy: 20th anniversary of the computer hardware reconditioning and recycling site owned by Olinn, a subsidiary of CAL&F, in Lunel.
    “Our business lines are at the heart of the social and energy transitions undertaken by individuals, small businesses and corporates through the rental economy, mobility and digitalisation. The entities in the Specialised Financial Services division plan to affirm their leadership for the benefit of the Group’s sustainable development, particularly in the strategic area of low-carbon mobility.”

    Stéphane Priami,
    Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Head of Specialised Financial Services

    Asset Gathering and Insurance

    01. Asset management (Amundi)

    • Responsible investment: Amundi in the top 3 worldwide for its voting policy on environmental and social issues4.
    • Development in Asia: significant inflows (+€21 billion excluding China) thanks to the Indian joint venture SBI MF and all subsidiaries in the region (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia).
    • Accelerated growth in private assets due to the acquisition of Alpha Associates, a multi-management specialist in private debt, infrastructure and private equity.

    4 In the Voting Matters 2023 report published by ShareAction in the UK, Amundi is ranked third among the top 69 global asset managers, with a score of 98%. ShareAction examined 257 shareholder resolutions in 2023.

    “In 2023, Amundi was able to support its customers with solutions adapted to the market conditions, while continuing to roll out its Ambitions 2025 strategic plan. Its assets in Asia saw further growth to stand at almost €400 billion. The rise of Amundi Technology has cemented its position as a leading services and technology provider. It has also continued its expansion in passive management following the merger with Lyxor, with significant inflows into ETFs. In the field of real assets in Europe, Amundi has become a European leader in multi-management – in infrastructure, private debt and private equity – as a result of its acquisition of Alpha Associates.”

    Valérie Baudson,
    Chief Executive Officer of Amundi

    02. Wealth management (Indosuez Wealth Management)

    • Proposed acquisition of Belgian private bank Degroof Petercam (closing scheduled for 2024) to become a pan-European leader in wealth management.
    • Continued rollout of the range of responsible products across all asset classes.
    • Accelerated digital transformation, including the rollout of the My Indosuez app to all customers.

    03. Insurance (Crédit Agricole Assurances)

    • Distribution agreement with Banco BPM in non-life, death & disability and borrower insurance in Italy.
    • Success of the fixed-price comprehensive home insurance scheme for young people, fully integrated into the digital journeys.
    • Continued integration of the customer journeys in property and casualty insurance into the “Ma Banque” and LCL “Mes Comptes” applications.
    • Participation in fundraising by Verkor, a start-up aiming to supply low-carbon batteries to the automotive industry.
    “The French market leader and the top bankinsurer in Europe, Crédit Agricole Assurances relies on a comprehensive, competitive offering tailored to each domestic market, and on the strength of Crédit Agricole Group’s distribution network. As a responsible insurer, we are developing a full range of protection and savings plans for all our customers, maintaining the right balance between economic development and sustainable development.”

    Nicolas Denis,
    Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Assurances

    Large Customers

    01. Corporate and investment banking (Crédit Agricole CIB)

    • Crédit Agricole CIB follows the Group’s decarbonisation trajectories (Net-Zero Banking Alliance) in the oil and gas, electric power, automotive, commercial real estate and cement sectors, and since 2023 the steel, aviation and maritime transport sectors.
    • Reinforcement and acceleration of the climate strategy by ending the financing of any new fossil fuel extraction projects and accelerating the reduction in financed emissions: -75% reduction in financed emissions in the oil and gas sector by 2030 (versus the -30% reduction announced in 2022).
    • Further development of the MSE division established in 2021.
    • Continuation of the digital transformation programme with 150 new projects (blockchain, AI, RPA etc).
    • Opening of a branch in Denmark in line with the bank’s ambitions to expand its presence in Europe by 2025.
    “In 2023, Crédit Agricole Group demonstrated the strength of its corporate and investment banking model based on positions of financing excellence, particularly in sustainable finance, with a significant strengthening of its market operations. This year, we also increased our Net Zero commitments in eight sectors for which the Group has defined reduction pathways for its financed emissions. These pathways will inform our business development choices over the coming years.”

    Xavier Musca,
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A., in charge of Large Customers, and Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole CIB

    02. Asset servicing (CACEIS)

    • Acquisition of the European operations of RBC Investor Services, supporting the goal to become joint leader of asset servicing in Europe.
    • Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction with a seven-point rise in the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
    • “ESG Initiative of the Year” award from the Asset Servicing Times for ESG and climate risk monitoring tools.

    Other specialised business lines

    • Payments, the leading business line in France for individuals and merchants: continued development of mobile payments with 6.3 million customers; partnership agreement signed with Worldline to create a major player in electronic payment services for merchants in France.
    • Real estate: for private individuals, further integration of property services directly into retail banking (transactions, property administration, support for energy renovation); acquisition of Sudeco, which specialises in commercial property, allowing CA Immobilier to become the fourth-largest player in institutional property management in France.
    • Digital banking: launch by BforBank of its new positioning as a digital relational bank with ambitions in Europe and €450 million invested over five years; continuation of the proprietary development of Blank, the neobank for professionals, which is also distributed as a white label by the Group’s banks (Propulse by CA and LCL Essentiel Pro) and was launched in Italy in early 2024.
    • Technology as a service: two technology platforms, Azqore and Amundi Technology, already marketed to several dozen players; further commercial development targeting €240 billion in assets under management by Azqore by 2025 and a more than fourfold increase in Amundi Technology revenues.

    Targeted partnerships and acquisitions

    The universal bank development model offers unlimited scope for organic growth, accompanied by a strategy of targeted partnerships and acquisitions. In 2023, Crédit Agricole S.A. forged new distribution partnerships with financial players, as well as industrial and technological partnerships.

    Scaling up Wealth Management and Asset Servicing
    Acquisitions: Degroof Petercam, RBC Investor Services1
    Expansion of Insurance distribution through new commercial partnerships
    Partnerships and minority equity interests: Banco BPM, Mobilize Financial Services
    Structuring of property services
    Acquisitions: Sudeco
    Development of a comprehensive mobility offering
    Acquisitions: ALD Automotive and LeasePlan, Hiflow2
    Partnerships and equity interests: Opteven, Stellantis, Watèa
    Acceleration of digitalisation and innovation
    Acquisitions: Worklife
    Partnerships and minority equity interests: Worldline3
    Support for societal transitions
    Acquisitions: Medicalib, Omedys, Selfee
    Partnerships and minority equity interests: R3

    Acquisition of Worklife
    Acquired in 2023, Worklife, a fintech specialising in the digitalisation of employee benefits, adds to Crédit Agricole Group’s existing offering in terms of employee savings, retirement and group health insurance. By offering a complete overview of employee benefits, the Group can provide optimum support to corporates in the valuation and management of their compensation policies. The offering was initially rolled out within Crédit Agricole; the Regional Banks and LCL are planning more extensive marketing in 2024.

    1 RBC Investor Services activities in Europe
    2 In six European countries
    3 On 22 January 2024, Crédit Agricole S.A. announced its acquisition of a minority stake in Worldline (7%)