Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Ambitions 2025 in action

Long-term perspective: societal transitions and new business lines

Supporting the changing needs of our customers and major societal transformations is in our DNA. Crédit Agricole has even launched two new business lines in response to the fundamental issues raised by the energy transition, access to healthcare and ageing well.

  • In October 2023, this new business line – which reinforces and coordinates the Group’s existing transition ecosystem – unveiled its roadmap and laid out its ambitions.

    By 2030, the ambition of Crédit Agricole Transitions & Énergies is to mobilise €19 billion in financing provided by Crédit Agricole Group entities in France. Crédit Agricole Transitions & Énergies also plans to invest €1 billion to strengthen the equity of renewable energy developers and acquire production assets.

    By 2030 €19bn in financing mobilised by Crédit Agricole Transitions & Énergies

    Crédit Agricole Transitions & Énergies will produce and supply electricity from renewable sources locally, for the benefit of developers, local authorities and consumers, with the following targets:

    • 2 GW in installed generation capacity from assets held by the Group by 2028;
    • 500 MWh of low-carbon electricity supply, equivalent to the annual consumption of 196,000 inhabitants, by 2026.

    The scheme is operated by Selfee1, in which Crédit Agricole Transitions & Énergies is a core shareholder.

    1 Selfee, in which Crédit Agricole is a core shareholder, is an electricity market operator established in 2017 in cooperation with a dozen local authorities in France. It enables the direct purchase of locally generated electricity at a local price, by acting as the sole intermediary with the energy producer.

  • This new business line aims to meet the primary healthcare needs of the French throughout the country and at all times, and to anticipate and support society in adapting to ageing with accommodation services and other solutions.

    Access to healthcare:

    The launch of systems to combat medical deserts, with the aim of supporting healthcare professionals in new practices combining group practice, telemedicine and connected equipment:

    • In-person: set-up of multi-practitioner clinics and centres in the regions;
    • In phygital mode: acquisition of Omedys, a solution for teleconsultation assisted by paramedics;
    • At home: acquisition of Medicalib, a solution that connects patients and paramedics for the provision of care directly at home, which also offers services to health professionals.

    Ageing-well support:

    Launch of systems to guide senior citizens and their carers towards suitable solutions and the rollout of these solutions in different regions to meet the needs of a growing elderly population:

    • Creation of a platform for listening, advice and assessment for senior citizens and their carers, capitalising on internal and external services;
    • Participation in the rollout of non-medical collective housing models that better meet the expectations of senior citizens (assisted-living residences, inclusive housing), in partnership with specialised stakeholders.