Crédit Agricole S.A.'s Ambitions 2025

A natural amplification of our expansion

In a singular period when the outlines of the long term can be seen more clearly than a short term context obscured by multiple crises, the “Ambitions 2025” plan sets out a clear roadmap for Crédit Agricole S.A.: support all our customers, respond to all needs, in all regions via all channels; commit to making progress accessible to all and to supporting the changes in needs and the great societal transformations.

Diversified business lines serving the global relationship

Our amplification trajectory for 2025 is based on strong organic growth potential with a target of one million additional customers in the Group’s retail banking network. Our business lines, which are leaders in their markets, will amplify their expansion by developing offers to respond to new uses and support the transitions, increasing customer equipment and signing new partnerships with financial players and industrial and technological leaders. 

2025 Target: +1 million new customers in the Group’s retail banks

Leading business lines in their markets

Strong potential for organic growth

Organic growth is the priority of the Crédit Agricole Group. By strengthening its excellent customer relations every day, the Group wins new customers and provides them with solutions developed by all its entities within a full-service relationship, while continually renewing its range of offers.

Growth ambitions carried by each business line

Retail Banking

    • 39 Regional Banks, cooperatives and full-service banks support the projects of their customers: individuals, high net-worth customers, farmers, corporates and public sector and social economy players.

      • 25 million customers.
      • 11.5 million mutual shareholders.
      • 23.8% market share of household credit.
    • A retail bank at the national level, offering a full line of banking and insurance solutions to its customers, with a distinctive positioning with urban customers, entrepreneurs and high net-worth customers.

    • In 2022

      • Loan outstandings €164bn (including €101bn in home loans).
      • Total customer assets €235bn.
      • 6 million individual customers.
    • Ambitions 2025

      • Capture +200,000 customers (excluding corporates).
      • >50% of financing to be “impact” financing in corporate loan production (green loans).
      • 1/3 of customers equipped with property and personal insurance.

      Action plan

      • Enhance expertise for entrepreneurs and high net-worth customers.
      • Expand the offer for urban customers.
      • Ongoing capture through digitisation and innovation.

International retail banking 

Established in Europe and Egypt, the international retail banks serve all types of customers – individuals, small businesses and corporates in collaboration with the business lines and specialised activities of the Group.

In 2022

  • €66.3bn in loan outstandings.
  • €72.1bn in on- and off-balance sheet deposits.
  • 5 million customers.

    • A retail bank in our second largest domestic market, CA Italy works in synergy with all the Group’s business lines present in the country to propose a complete offer to its customers.

    • In 2022

      • 2.7 million customers.
      • 1,120 branches.
      • 12,180 employees.
    • Ambitions 2025

      • 50% of current accounts opened and on-line sale of investment products.
      • +1 pp market share in real estate and agri-agro loans (in loan volume).

      Action plan

      • Major digital transformation to strengthen customer acquisition, on-line sales and selfcare.
      • Acceleration in four offer segments: real estate loans, agri-agro, property and casualty insurance and managed savings.
      • Improvement of operational efficiency.
    • Ambitions 2025

      • +60% of active banking customers.
    • Action plan

      CA Bank Polska

      • Development of digital functionalities.
      • Expansion of the banking offer, primarily by relying on Crédit Agricole Assurances and Amundi to increase the equipment of its individual, business and VSB customers.
      • Capitalising on the customers of the subsidiary CAL&F, No. 2 in leasing in Europe.
    • Crédit Agricole Égypt

      • Development toward corporate and high net-worth customers.
      • Consolidation of its position as reference European bank in the country.
      • Enhancement of the digital distinctiveness and amplification of the offer in synergy with the Group’s business lines.

      Crédit Agricole Ukraine

      • Maintaining presence in the country to contribute, when needed, to reconstruction efforts.

A retail bank in our second largest domestic market, CA Italy works in synergy with all the Group’s business lines present in the country to propose a complete offer to its customers.

Giampiero Maioli

Specialised Financial Services

    • A major player in consumer finance in Europe, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CA CF) offers its customers and partners flexible, responsible financing solutions adapted to their needs, especially in mobility with vehicle financing and long-term car leasing.

    • In 2022

      • Managed loans: €103bn, including €23.4bn on behalf of the Crédit Agricole Group.
      • Presence in 18 countries.
    • Ambitions 2025

      • More than 1 million vehicles in long-term car leasing in 2026.
      • One in two financed vehicles green (electric or hybrid).
      • €20bn in managed loans.

      Action plan

      • Creation of a European leader in mobility: joint-venture with Stellantis in ten countries; pan-European auto financing platform covering 18 countries (takeover of FCA Bank); development of Agilauto (car leasing with option to own and long-term car leasing) with the Group’s banks.
      • Acceleration of consumer finance in Europe (development of digitisation, instalment payments, insurance and green offers).


    • Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring (CAL&F) provides solutions for corporates of all sizes for their investment projects and the management of their trade receivables, offering finance-lease and factoring solutions in France and Europe. As a player in the energy transition, CAL&F also supports corporates in the implementation of their projects in renewable energy, energy performance or sustainable infrastructures.

    • In 2022

      • Managed loans: €29.7bn, 29% of which internationally.
      • 256,000 customers, 87,000 of which are international.
      • #1 private financier of renewable energy in France (€2.5 billion)(1).

      (1) Sofergie ASF outstandings at the end of 2021.

    • Ambitions 2025

      • €2bn annual production of renewable energy financing.
      • Threefold increase in revenues for services.

      Action plan

      • Expanded service offer of the entire value chain.
      • Support for the energy transition, especially through the deployment of an Energy Transition Hub (advice and financing for SMEs, professionals and farmers).
      • Expansion in Europe with the support of a pan-European factoring platform and leasing marketplaces.

We are responding to the major changes in society that place our businesses at the heart of social and energy transitions, in terms of usage, mobility and digitalization.

Stéphane Priami

Asset Gathering

    • Amundi is the leading European asset manager in terms of assets under management, and is ranked in the top 10 worldwide(1), via six main management platforms (Boston, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo).

    • In 2022

      • Assets under management: €1,904bn.
      • #1 European asset manager.
      • Presence in 35 countries.

      Ambitions 2025

      • €500bn in assets under management in Asia.
      • +50% increase in assets under passive management(2), i.e. around €420bn
      • €150m in revenues for Amundi Technology.
      • +1,000 new corporates integrated in Amundi’s climate commitment plan.
    • Action plan

      • Strengthen retirement and climate offers with the Group’s banks.
      • Amplify the commitment in responsible investments.
      • Consolidate leadership in asset management and become a benchmark player in technologies and services over the entire savings value chain.

      (1) Source: IPE “Top 500 Asset Managers” published in June 2022 on the basis of assets under management at 31 December 2021.

      (2) Compared with combined Amundi + Lyxor assets at the end of September 2021.

Our ambition is to continue our strong growth momentum and value creation for all our stakeholders.

Valérie Baudson

    • Indosuez Wealth Management comprises Crédit Agricole Group’s wealth management activities in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

    • In 2022

      • Assets under management: €130bn.
      • €4.1bn in inflows.
      • Presence in 10 regions.
    • Ambitions 2025

      • €150bn AuM.
      • Fivefold increase in the annual distribution of products with ESG criteria.

      Action plan

      • Acceleration of customer capture, particularly with the NextGen segment (children of our customers and young, successful entrepreneurs).
      • Development of offers: for Family offices(1), on real assets for wealthy customers, in wealth management for the high net worth customers of the Group’s banks.

      (1) Independent advising and support companies to serve the estate interests of one or more families.

    • The leading insurer in France, Crédit Agricole Assurances meets the needs of its customers – individuals, corporates, professionals, farmers – by proposing offers dedicated to savings and the protection of property and persons.

    • In 2022

      • Revenues: €35.3bn.
      • Savings/retirement assets under management: €321bn.
      • Number of property and casualty insurance contracts: 15.3 million.

      Ambitions 2025

      • +2.5 million individual property and casualty insurance contracts in France.
      • +40% individual and group health beneficiaries.
      • €23bn in individual and group retirement assets.
      • >€345bn in savings.
    • Action plan

      • Diversification of responsible and accessible savings solutions.
      • Acceleration in the protection of property and persons (inclusive insurance, crops, new mobilities etc.)
      • Comprehensive approach in health insurance with the creation of a unique management platform in individual and group health.
      • Development of a complete offer for seniors and retirement, especially with a line of “Ageing well” services and the creation of an insurance company dedicated to retirement.

We will expand and diversify our offerings and services to better cover the insurance needs of our customers.

Philippe Dumont

Large customers

    • Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Banking (Crédit Agricole CIB) is the corporate and investment bank of Crédit Agricole Group that offers its customers a broad range of products and services in the capital markets, investment banking, structured financing and commercial banking business lines. To support its customers in the major international markets, Crédit Agricole CIB relies on its global network in the principal countries of Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Crédit Agricole CIB has also reiterated its commitment to best serve its customers and society by supporting them in their projects, especially the energy transition, with the development of its expertise in new technologies.

    • In 2022

      • Second-largest bookrunner in syndicated loans for the EMEA region(1).
      • $35.5bn in arrangement of green, social and sustainable bonds(2).
      • More than 30 markets covered.

      Ambitions 2025

      • +60% Exposure to low-carbon(3) energy production.
      • -20% Exposure to petroleum(3).
    • Action plan

      • Creation of a “Sustainability Community” of around 250 experts.
      • Development of expertise in the new technologies (hydrogen, wind power, carbon capture etc.).
      • Extension of the product offer in Europe, in particular the debt financing offer (cash management etc.).
      • Enhancement of the M&A offer designed for the Group’s SME and mid-size customers.

      (1) Source: Refinitiv R17.

      (2) Source: Bloomberg.

      (3)  Calculated by weighting the exposures for all customers and projects by their share of activity in the production and storage of low-carbon energy/petroleum.

    • CACEIS, a specialist asset-servicing group, provides support to asset management firms, insurance companies, pension funds, private equity and real estate funds(1), banks, brokers and corporates from order execution to asset custody.

    • In 2022

      • Assets under custody: €4,090bn.
      • Assets under administration: €2,172bn.
      • Assets under depositary: €1,729bn.

      Ambitions 2025

      • #1 fund administrator in Europe.
      • #2 fund custodian in Europe.
    • Action plan

      • Strengthening of the ETF offer and services to funds.
      • Extension of PERES(1) solutions and pension funds to new regions (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany etc.).
      • Expansion of technological solutions (CACEIS Connect Store).
      • Continued improvement in operational efficiency.

      (1) Private Equity and Real Estate Services.

Our goal is to assist our customers, worldwide, in their growth and their energy transitions.

Xavier Musca

Two new business lines to prepare for the future

The energy transition and access to healthcare and ageing well are challenges that will become increasingly significant in society over the years to come. To support its customers in facing these challenges, Crédit Agricole has created two new business lines designed to meet society’s long-term needs and offering new development opportunities. They will become operational in 2023.

    • Drawing on the Group’s experience in energy transition and new energy sources, as well as on strategic and industrial partnerships, the aim is to:


      • create a business line and national brand providing advice and support regarding the energy and environmental transition for customers and non-customers;
      • invest, in particular through the Regional Banks, in renewable energy production and supply, in addition to the financing and investment activities in which the Group already leads the way in France;
      • improve the coordination of actions from different Group entities in terms of supporting our customers in their energy and environmental transition.

      See also “Supporting long-term transitions

    • Drawing on the various initiatives within the Group, as well as on partnerships and strong growth in the health insurance business, the aim is to:

      • create a healthcare business line to support a healthcare ecosystem around three themes: prevention, care and monitoring;
      • help expand access to care in the regions and facilitate ageing well, both at home and in residential accommodation;
      • become a benchmark bank in the field of healthcare.

      See also “Supporting long-term transitions

External growth levers: strategic partnerships and acquisitions

Demonstrating the Group’s strategic agility, targeted partnerships and acquisitions complementing organic growth. With “Ambitions 2025”, the goal of Crédit Agricole S.A. is to establish new strategic partnerships, primarily in distribution with financial players, but also in industrial and technological areas.

Strategic partnerships and acquisitions

    • Framework agreement signed by Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance for a stronger, exclusive partnership with Stellantis, creating a leader in the European top 5 in long-term vehicle leasing and acquisition by CA Consumer Finance of 100% of the capital of FCA Bank and Leasys Rent.

      See the press release

    • Master agreement signed by CACEIS for the purchase of the Asset Servicing activities of RBC in Europe with the goal of becoming the sector leader in Europe and worldwide.

      See the press release

    • Acquisition by CA Italy of a 9.18% stake in Banco BPM and signature of a long-term partnership in life insurance and borrowers’ insurance in Italy by Crédit Agricole Assurances.

      See the press release 1

      See the press release 2

    • La Fabrique by CA, the start-up studio of Crédit Agricole Group announced the acquisition of SFPMEI, a major player in the fintech ecosystem and banking as a service.

    • Acquisition by Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring (CAL&F) of a 30% interest in the subsidiary Watèa by Michelin to accelerate the “greening” of utility vehicles under 3.5 tonnes.


    • Disposal of the control of Crédit du Maroc, 78.7% of the capital, to the Moroccan group Holmarcom.

      See the press release

    • Sale of Crédit Agricole Srbija A.D. to the bank Raiffeisen Banka A D. Serbia, a subsidiary of Austrian Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

Strong positions in Europe

The international ambitions of Crédit Agricole S.A. are focused first on Europe, with the expansion of universal retail banking over the long term, and aiming for selective development in other regions of the world in the Group’s global business lines.

Priority to Europe, our natural playing field

  1. Relationship banks
    • Italy, universal retail banking in the Group’s second largest domestic market: growth potential of the customer base, synergies and market share gains in all our business lines. 
    • Poland, deployment of a substantial transformation plan: +60% in customers, development of loan, insurance and savings offers. 
    • Ukraine, a plan to adapt depending on the outcome of the conflict. 
  2. Development of the business lines in Europe

    Development of the business lines in Europe, organically and through partnerships and acquisitions, with strong potential in Germany and the Iberian region. 

    • Corporate and investment banking: target of an annual average growth rate of 5% in revenues in Europe. 
    • Specialised Financial Services: roll-out of long-term vehicle leasing in Europe, a new vehicle financing structure following the purchase of FCA Bank and a pan-European factoring platform.  
    • Insurance: major partnerships in property & casualty insurance in Spain (Abanca, Novo Banco). 
    • Asset management: Amundi, the leading foreign guarantor in Spain, partnership with Sabadell. 
    • Asset servicing: CACEIS, the top player in Spain, partnership with Santander. 

Elsewhere, selective development for our global business lines

  1. Amundi

    Capture the growth in the savings pools, particularly in Asia.

  2. Crédit Agricole CIB

    selective approach with priority to differentiating sector expertise in a prudent risk framework (energy, mobility, telecommunications, media and technology, real estate, agri-food, financial institutions).