Crédit Agricole S.A.'s Ambitions 2025

The key success factors: digital transformation and human responsibility

Crédit Agricole’s ambitions are based on a digital relationship model enhanced by human responsibility. For customers, this means having completely digital key journeys and human assistance in real time.

The digital transformation

Offering our customers and employees a user experience at the highest standards in their daily use of digital is a priority for Crédit Agricole. This ambition is carried by a programme and substantial investments that will set the pace of the Group’s digital transformation by 2025. 

Innovation in action

Inseparable from the digital transformation, the capacity for innovation is a strength of Crédit Agricole Group and of all its business lines, which invest in a plural and open ecosystem to support their development momentum.

Through dedicated systems in each entity and structures such as La Fabrique by CA (the Group’s startup studio), 42 Villages by CA (incubator), CACD2 (design and developments serving the entities) or Fireca (financing and equity interests), the Group is able to interact with external ecosystems and startups to trigger and feed the cycle of innovation.

A trusted third party, Crédit Agricole’s challenges are to ensure the security, integrity and protection of its customers’ data and, of course, to offer them a digital experience at the highest standards.

Jean-Paul Mazoyer

Local human responsibility

Our Human Project is at the very centre of the Crédit Agricole S.A. 2023-2025 medium-term plan. It is aimed at pursuing our organisational, cultural and human transformation.

Our ambition

  1. Amplify our managerial and cultural transformation
    • Women and men who can work independently for greater local empowerment.
    • Managers who provide a framework of trust and help their teams progress.
    • An organisation that strengthens individual responsibility.
    • New working methods that disseminate a culture of ongoing improvement.
  2. Support new societal expectations to accelerate our Human Project
    • Financial recognition or the acquisition of a social advantage with impact, particularly with regard to the financial insecurity felt or observed since the start of the health crisis. 
    • Flexibility of the work organisation: a crucial expectation for a large majority of employees and those we want to attract. 
    • Strengthening of skills and sustainable employability to develop professionally. 
    • Intellectual stimulation and ongoing learning in the business environment. 
    • Strengthening of the collective in an increasingly virtual environment. 
    • Societal and environmental values: the keys to our attractiveness and retention. 

Nearly 16,500 employees at all hierarchical levels, which is more than 1,600 teams, have already been involved in the experiments in new management and organisational practices in France and internationally, and this process will continue until 2025.

Crédit Agricole S.A. and its subsidiaries’ monitoring indicators

    • Cumulative number of young people welcomed during the calendar year

    • 12,019

    • Total number of training hours

      Percentage of women on Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Executive Committee

    • 2.17 million


    • Number of agreements signed

      Absenteeism rate

    • 262