Crédit Agricole Group and its model

The development model

Crédit Agricole’s development model is the concrete implementation of its Raison d’Être: supporting customers in their daily lives and their plans for the future, supporting the economy, entrepreneurship and innovation, and committed to social and environmental issues to help bring about progress and transformation. Usefulness and universality form the core of this model and serve the creation of sustainable value for our customers and society.

Customer-focused universal banking model

Our unique customer-focused universal banking model is based on the close association between its retail banking and its specialised business lines. Together, we offer all our customers, via all channels, a complete range of banking products and services suited to their needs. 

Crédit Agricole’s universality is reflected in the support we offer all our customers, from the more modest households to the largest corporations, wherever they are located, from the most isolated regions to the most densely populated.

Crédit Agricole Group’s value creation model

Our business model geared towards the creation of lasting value.