Crédit Agricole S.A.'s Ambitions 2025

Innovation and acceleration in cross-functional business lines and technological services

To support the natural expansion of our banking business lines, four growth leverages will be strengthened under the “Ambitions 2025” plan: payments, real estate, digital banking and technological services.

Cross-functional business lines, payments and real estate

The source of growing needs, payments and real estate are essential in the relationship with our customers. In payments, expectations accelerated during the health crisis and because of technological advances. And real estate remains at the centre of the asset challenges of our customers. Our response: develop flexible and reliable payment instruments, as well as a complete offer of real estate services.

  • 22.8 m

    of payment cards delivered by the Group in 2022.

  • 2,200

    housing sold by Crédit Agricole Immobilier in 2022.

Digital banking and technological services

Building on our leading business lines, digital banking and technological services represent significant growth vectors for the Group and reinforce its positioning as the reference digital bank.

Acceleration in digital banking

    • The online retail bank of Crédit Agricole Group serves 211,000 individual customers in France.

      • BforBank plans a new distinctive positioning and carries ambitions for development in Europe by 2030.
      • The range of the everyday banking product offer is rounded out by the Group’s business expertise and additional partnerships (Linxo, Amundi, CA Consumer Finance, CA Assurances and others).

      €450m in investments over 5 years

    • Blank is a neobank for professionals operating under its own brand or as a “Pro Direct” offer for the Group’s banks.

      • Blank aims to offer a complete service for independent workers: banking and insurance, accounting and administrative management automated regulatory declarations etc., all at a simple and low fixed price.
      • It is pursuing its development by offering a customer experience among the best in the market.

The ramp-up of technology-as-a-service

The Group has two technology platforms, Azqore and Amundi Technology, which are marketed as technology-as-a-service to more than sixty players, and intends to pursue their commercial development.

Technology as a service refers to a method of accessing technology solutions of any kind (security, video, data etc.) through subscription. It gives the use of or access to technologies according to the needs of a corporate without the need to acquire or develop them on its own, in a flexible, adaptable manner without risk of obsolescence.


the platform for private banks

  • 25 customers in 10 countries

Target assets under management in 2025: €240bn 

Amundi Technology

IT platform covering the savings chain

  • 42 customers in 9 countries 

Target revenues in 2025: €150m 


Amplify the development of our technology platforms and open new ones to the market.