Logo/CA/Couleur Integrated report 2021-2022

THE DEVELOPMENT MODEL Organic growth, a priority

Organic growth, the mark of leaders, is the priority of the Crédit Agricole Group. By strengthening its excellent customer relations every day, the Group wins new customers and provides them with the solutions offered by all Group entities within a full-service relationship, while continually renewing the range of offers.


A potential for organic growth that is continually refined and amplified by acquisitions and partnerships (Creval, Lyxor and Olinn, for example) and the launch of new activities (Azqore, Amundi Technology and CA Mobility).

(1) End November 2021, study: Crédit Agricole S.A.– France – PDM crédits aux ménages LCL et caisses régionales (PDM loans to LCL households and regional banks)

(2) Market share in UCITS in France at end-November 2021

(3) End-2021, scope: annual premiums Temporary death + Funeral coverage + Long-term care

(4) End-2021, scope: Prédica, assets

(5) End-2021, annual premiums collected by CAA and originated by CRCA and LCL

(6) End-2021, Damages segment of Pacifica & La Médicale de France, annual premiums. Market size: The giant of insurance

(7) Internal sources


Throughout the Medium-term Plan (MTP), these operations demonstrate the Group’s strategic agility.

Strategic partnerships

8 new strategic partnerships


In January 2021, Pacifica’s acquisition of 50% of share capital of Europ Assistance France. Since January 2022, all assistance activities in France of Crédit Agricole Assurances and its subsidiaries have been entrusted to Europ Assistance.


See the press release



Signature in January 2021 of a partnership agreement between the private bank of Société Générale and Azqore for the management of its information system and back-office.


See the press release



In January 2021, Amundi Technology and BNY Mellon announced a technological alliance in asset management and securities custodial services.


See the press release



In September 2020, Amundi and BOC Wealth Management, a subsidiary of Bank of China, launched the first “wealth management” company majority-owned by a foreign operator.


See the press release



Amundi signed a strategic partnership in Spain with Banco Sabadell (Asset Management) in June 2020 for the distribution of asset management products in the Banco Sabadell network in Spain.


See the press release



In February 2020, Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring entered into a strategic partnership in Poland with the DBK Group in the transport sector.


See the press release



Signature in December 2019 of a partnership between Crédit Agricole and Santander to create a top-tier player in asset custody and servicing. CACEIS will be better positioned in the historical markets of the two partners.


See the press release



Signature in July 2019 of a partnership between Crédit Agricole Assurance and ABANCA in the non-life insurance market in Spain and Portugal.


See the press release


Path 74

€4.3bn in acquisitions


Amundi’s acquisition of Lyxor in December 2021, which will make Amundi the European leader in the management of ETFs, with combined assets of €142bn, a market share of 14% in Europe, and a diversified profile both in terms of customers and regions.


See the press release of the start of negotiations

See the press release on the completion of the acquisition



Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring acquired Olinn in November 2021 in order to extend its offer to management services for business equipment.


See the press release



Success in May 2021 of the Crédit Agricole Italia public tender offer for the shares of Crédit Valtellinese. The combination of these two banks with the same culture anchored in the regions consolidates the sixth largest banking group in Italy, strongly committed to supporting nearly three million customers.


See the press release



In October 2020, Crédit Agricole Assurances raised its stake in GNB Seguros, a non-life insurance company of Novo Banco in Portugal, to 100%.


See the press release



In June 2020, Amundi finalised its acquisition of Sabadell AM as part of the long-term partnership with Banco Sabadell in Spain.


See the press release



In June 2020, the Crédit Agricole Group acquired a majority interest in Linxo Group, which strengthens the Group’s leadership in digital payments.


See the press release



Acquisition in December 2019 of Santander Securities Services by CACEIS within the context of the partnership with Santander.


See the press release



CACEIS public tender offer for KAS BANK in the Netherlands in June 2019, which immediately expanded its capacities in the service of the customers of pension funds, insurance companies and management companies.


See the press release



November 2018 acquisition by Agos of ProFamily S.p.A., a subsidiary of Banco BPM, in the context of the historical partnership between CA CF and Banco BPM.


See the press release


Path 74

€2.3bn in disposals(1)


(1) Includes the disposal of a portion of the CACEIS capital to Santander in consideration for the acquisition of Santander Securities Services.




Path 74

strategic partnerships


in acquisitions


in disposals

… over the period of the MTP

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