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THE CUSTOMER PROJECT Excellence in customer relations at the centre of our actions

The customer lies at the centre of the Crédit Agricole Group’s strategy. To serve our customers, this strategy is based on the Customer Project: digital plus empowered teams for customers.

Our ambition

Through our commitment, we will be the preferred bank in France in all customer segments.



Thanks to our relationship model and the alignment of all our business lines to meet our three-pronged goal to be a universal, omni-channel and human bank.


  • 1
    Collectively manage excellence in customer relations

    The human bank: offer our customers access to an advisor to ensure a close relationship and empowered teams working for customers:

    • Mobilise the entire bank around customer satisfaction and a flawless customer culture;
    • Manage this target at the highest level, by making the Net Promoter Score (NPS) an evaluation criteria for employees, managers and executives;
    • Support our customers for all their needs, in all channels.
  • 2
    Become a best-in-class digital bank

    The omni-channel bank: enable our customers to access our solutions through the channel of their choice, particularly digital, across the entire relationship:

    • Raise all our tools and applications to the highest standards in all our markets;
    • Be present wherever our customers are, where they need us: social networks, e-commerce sites, search engines;
    • Capitalise on data and artificial intelligence to better serve our customers.
  • 3
    Offer our customers a broad range of banking and non-banking services

    The universal bank: offer solutions to all current, wealth or entrepreneurial concerns of our customers:

    • Adapt our solutions to new customer uses and societal concerns;
    • Propose solutions that meet the needs of our customers and society, in three areas in particular: climate, social cohesion and inclusion and agri-agro transitions.
Crédit Agricole helped me in creating my business and financed me when I opened my company. The digital channel is very efficient, but the account manager can also be contacted directly and easily. This is a bank that has local roots and supports local businesses.
Extract from the 2021 NPS Survey
(Net Promoter Score (NPS))


Our offers
  • Roll-out of our new line of daily banking offers, co-constructed with our customers. Composed of five offers, this line lets customers find the plan best adapted to their daily routine. Depending on the offer selected, our customers can also benefit from products and services, such as a bank card, insurance for their purchases or travel, a fixed rate for their foreign transactions, and more and, of course, always with access to a branch and an advisor.


  • State guaranteed student loan: to support the education of all youth, in 2021 the Regional Banks proposed the government guarantee for young people who have no parental guarantee and wish to obtain a student loan to finance their higher education.


  • New line of 100% committed investments which, in addition to the search for financial performance, can have a positive impact on the world in four major areas, all of which create value for our customers (support for French corporates, contribution to societal changes, meeting climate and environmental challenges, and investments in sustainable properties).


  • Health sector:
    • Launch of a €250m financing package in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB) intended to promote the establishment of health professionals in areas under stress or the construction of nursing homes.
    • Publication of a customers’ guide clients on “How to join a health structure in the customer’s area” and the dissemination of a webinar in partnership with Le Quotidien du Médecin on “Nursing home, a regional professional health community”.


  • Offered since February 2021, Blank is a solution for self-employed customers who are looking for a digital account, insurance for accidents or damages and services that simplify the management of their activity (forming a business, publisher of estimates/invoices, management of expenses accounts, social security declarations (Urssaf) and others). All in an all-inclusive fixed rate.


  • New layout of the magazine Regards Partagés with a focus on asset management expertise.
Path 74
Supporting our customers
  • More than one million customers have benefited from the Path to Wealth Advising Approach (Démarche Conseil Trajectoires Patrimoine) for saving, in all our regions. This approach allows us to assist our customers so that we can accurately understand their needs and their projects, and co-build with each of them the solutions best suited to the customers, with full transparency and loyalty. In 2022, this approach will be accessible directly for our customers at their Crédit Agricole site and will also include their preferences in terms of environmental criteria.


  • Youzful, the platform intended for youth: a space dedicated to orientation and jobs with information, job offers and advice from professionals. At the end of this first year, the platform had more than 110,000 young people registered and 1.4 million single visitors. At the same time, the Regional Banks are organising over 80 job-dating meetings throughout France.


  • Launch of the Farmer and Wine Grower Universities, an adaptation of the Executive University to the agricultural world.


  • Implementation of the Labelling Initiative (dedicated offers, training program, etc.) to support our farming customers in their path to certification and labelling in new agri-environmental practices (organic farming, High Environmental Value (HEV) farming, soil conservation, low-carbon label and more).


Path 74
Excellence in customer relations
  • Customer Irritants Group Battle Plan: as part of its goal to achieve excellent relations with our customers, Crédit Agricole Group has committed all its entities to identifying and solving the irritants of their customers. Over 50 major irritants have been resolved in the last 18 months and nearly 500 regulatory letters have been improved to be more readable and educational. All the entities have structured or completed their ongoing improvement process to reduce customer irritants.


  • In 2021, Crédit Agricole reached a new milestone in customer experience and earned a positive NPS in all markets, consolidating its position as one of the top three banks.


  • LCL won three prizes in the Trophies for Bank Quality awarded by MoneyVox:
    • Satisfaction – Remote customer service
    • Satisfaction – Bank branch
    • Satisfaction – Daily banking advisor
Path 74
A few figures
  • With 5.9 million user customers, the “My Bank” mobile app is the top banking application in Europe.



  • 1 out of 5 state-guaranteed loans distributed by the Regional Banks (144,500 loans).



  • Number 1 insurer in France.
Path 74


…Michel Ganzin, Deputy General Manager in charge of the Group Project

“The Customer Project defines our priorities to become the trusted partner serving all our customers, in line with our Raison d’Être.


We build on the solidity and diversity of our expertise, within a comprehensive approach to customer relations that characterises our Universal Customer-focused banking model. We don’t compartmentalise our solutions (savings, credit, insurance, real estate, etc.); rather, we offer an approach that melds our banks with the customer relationship and all our business lines in order to offer our customers the total solution that will meet their needs.


We are committed to discovering and protecting the interests of each customer. The Customer Project allows us to reconcile individual interests with our collective challenges. In other words, reconcile purchasing power, health, and inequalities with the protection of the environment, preservation of local economic fabrics, development of an equitable society and more. This is why ESG is at the centre of our studies and actions: at Crédit Agricole, we are mobilising our entire group to bring solutions and offers that are first in the customer’s interest and combine it every day with the interest of society.


We are calling for human responsibility at the heart of our model. To achieve this, we offer our customers an omni-channel mode enhanced by human responsibility and we deliver excellent customer relations that bring together customer experience and successful advisors. The singular nature of our model is the means through which we create preference and give customers the power to be the actors in their choices.


And all these fundamentals are carried by the power of our brand. During this period of health crisis, the saga of amazing actors has touched the heart of the French people. We laud each of those who, in their own way, are moving the collective forward every day. We are reaching out to those who have been most impacted, particularly the young people and entrepreneurs. Moreover, in 2021, Crédit Agricole maintained its leadership position in this two groups and ranks No. 1 in subscribers on social media. We are witnesses to our vision and our path towards human and societal excellence, as well as our concrete actions in the regions so that our customers can launch their projects by relying on our customer-focused universal banking model because it is all together that we will succeed. ”


(banking sector)


usage rate for the Crédit Agricole mobile apps

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