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Our Human-centric Project is our main lever for achieving all of our goals. It is focused on local responsibility in order to offer customers ongoing access to a contact person who acts with insight and brings them real value.

Our ambition

Become one of the Top 5 preferred employers in Europe for financial services.



Thanks to the power of collective action.

Thanks to committed women and men proud to work for Crédit Agricole.

Thanks to a coherent social pact.

Our ambition

  • 1
    Empowering teams through a deep management transformation
    • Managers who provide a framework of trust and help their teams move forward through the responsibility they take on;
    • Women and men who can work autonomously for more empowered teams for customers.
  • 2
    Transforming the organisation for a close customer relationship
    • An organisation that strengthens individual responsibility;
    • New working methods to disseminate a culture of ongoing improvement.
  • 3
    Strengthening the social pact to create a framework of trust that drives initiatives
    • An amplified social pact for greater trust among all Group stakeholders;
    • Diversity that mirrors our diverse customer base and encourages working as a team and seizing the initiative.
The Group is a company that respects people, where we enjoy true freedom of speech and excellent working conditions.
Citation from the 2021 ERI
(Engagement and Recommendation Index)

Our innovations

A new management model

A managerial transformation to organise empowerment and for greater commitment:


  • Managers who set the strategic guidelines and embody the Group’s culture;
  • Management that carries responsibility in a collective sense to enable the empowerment of all;
  • Employees who are actively involved in their careers and who are trained in digital, behavioural and cross-functional skills.


Our actions

Completed implementation of the “Leadership, Direction and Empowerment” program designed for Crédit Agricole S.A. executives in partnership with the Purposeful Leadership Chair at HEC Paris.

Path 74
A deep organisational transformation

Offering our customers direct access to a retail bank relationship manager, which results in:

  • More regular feed-back;
  • Greater responsibility and greater cross-functionality;
  • Faster decision-making;
  • New workspaces and more remote work.


Our actions

An unprecedented approach, mobilising pioneering teams in the entities, in France and internationally, to test new management and organisational practices proving greater value for customers, for employees and for the company.


Path 74
A strengthened framework of trust

It results in:

  • Social dialogue built on transparency and partnership;
  • Strong commitments in terms of social and gender diversity and integration, notably in favour of young people.


Our actions

A diversity policy that is bearing fruit: the Group is one of the top 50 companies in the SBF 120 in terms of the number of decision-making bodies helmed by women. Crédit Agricole S.A. moved up to 38th place in the contest, extending its +52 place rise since 2015.

Path 74
Support for our employees since the health crisis

In order to provide the best support to Group employees in this very unusual context, the Group Human Resources Department implemented several arrangements and measures.


To promote health and well-being at work
  • Medical teleconsulting;
  • A remote psychological unit;
  • Psychological support dedicated to employees with disabilities;
  • The CA Ma Santé application for beneficiaries of the Crédit Agricole S.A. Group supplementary health plan;
  • The “Well-being” offer: corporate yoga classes to counter physical inactivity and maintain concentration;
  • The Sports offer: a 100%-digital 24/7 sports offer to promote regular physical activity;
  • Implementation of a series of awareness lectures (addiction, mental load and stress management);
  • A tutoring offer for children from grade six up.
Path 74


… Bénédicte Chretien, Head of Human Resources

“The new expectations by society that have emerged since the beginning of the health crisis demonstrate the importance and strength of our Human-centric Project, which was launched before the pandemic. Our Human-centric Project is based on an in-depth managerial transformation that organizes responsibility locally, i.e. the ability to appreciate situations, to show discernment and courage in the face of the infinite diversity of situations, and to make the best possible decisions in the interest of the company and the customer. In 2020 the Crédit Agricole Group reached a milestone with Act I of the Human-centric Project, which defined the principles of the target management model. We have successfully brought on board all of Crédit Agricole S.A.’s senior managers (Executive Committee, Management Committee, Circle 1), who are themselves transforming their leadership and management methods and enabling the simplification of their organisations. To accelerate this cultural, managerial and organisational transformation, we have opted this year for an unprecedented approach involving 1,500 pioneers as well as an active and committed middle management team. As a result, we have been able to grasp more performance through collective intelligence, individual responsibility and cooperation between teams.”


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