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THE 10 COLLECTIVE COMMITMENTS Crédit Agricole Group’s societal project

In the face of great societal and environmental challenges, Crédit Agricole is committed to supporting all its customers in the societal transitions, at the heart of their everyday lives and at the heart of the real economy of the regions.


To achieve this, on 1 December 2021 we announced 10 societal commitments at Group level, with three priorities:

Taking action for the climate and the transition to a low-carbon economy

#1 – Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050:

  • By following suit, of course, with all the collective commitments made by the major financial institutions: all of the Group’s business lines are converging to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050, and thus to align the emissions of our loan books and investment portfolios with trajectories aimed at achieving net zero by 2050 or sooner;
  • And by supplementing these with our own commitments: accelerating our mobilisation for the financing of renewable energy and making responsible saving accessible to all.


#2 – Advising and supporting 100% of our customers in their energy transition:

  • By enabling everyone to have access to clean vehicles: from 2022 we are expanding our long-term leasing offer to all customers and focusing it on hybrid and electric vehicles (https://Agilauto.fr);
  • By committing to use our network of branches to equip the territory with EV charging stations in order to facilitate access to them, including in the most rural areas.
  • By helping all our customers to have their homes eco-renovated, whether they are owners or tenants;
  • By helping all our business customers (farmers, small businesses and corporates) to accomplish their energy transition.


#3 – Including non-financial performance criteria in 100% of the analysis of our financing for corporates and farmers.

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Strengthening social cohesion and inclusion

#4 – Offering solutions to promote social and digital inclusion, and adapting to economic and societal changes:

  • Working for banking inclusion with the “Points Passerelle” (customer support desk for the prevention of excess debt), which for 25 years have provided advice and overall support to people who find themselves in financial difficulty due to unexpected life events (illness, loss of employment, separation, etc.): close to 134,000 people have been supported since the time of their creation;
  • Enabling elderly people to “Live Well at Home” and innovating to support their carers by offering banking and non-banking solutions to improve the comfort of their homes, feel safe and develop social links;
  • Making everyday insurance accessible to all with EKO Assurances without compromising the quality of the essential cover, because everyone has the right to be well protected against life’s uncertainties.


#5 – Helping to reinvigorate the weakest regions and reduce social inequalities by promoting employment, solidarity, access to essential goods and services and to digital technologies.


#6 – Promoting the integration of young people through employment and training:

  • In 2021, Crédit Agricole launched Youzful, a platform for putting young people in touch with businesses recruiting in their region;
  • And by 2025, Crédit Agricole is committed to hiring and training 50,000 young people in France and abroad.


#7 – Amplifying gender equality and diversity in all Crédit Agricole entities, as well as within its governance.

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Accomplishing the farming and agri-food transitions

#8 – Supporting the evolution of technologies towards a competitive and sustainable agri-food system by launching a Private Equity and pan-European debt fund, with a target of €1 billion.


#9 – Enabling French agriculture to contribute fully to the fight against climate change. From 2022 onwards, the Group will:

  • Work on structuring the carbon sector through a French carbon credit trading platform;
  • Support all industry and local projects contributing to the decarbonisation of agriculture.


#10 – Contribute to strengthening food sovereignty:

  • By promoting the agricultural business lines and putting young people who are seeking advice or employment in touch with professionals in the farming world;
  • By fostering the installation of new generations of farmers, with more than 10,000 startups supported every year;
  • By supporting farmers who desire it in the direct-to-consumer sale of their produce.
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