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WHY IT IS CREDIBLE Compliance useful to the company, its customers, employees and the group

The Compliance Department innovates and gives meaning to its task in order to deploy compliance in the field. The goal is to create a fluid relationship with our customers, while ensuring their protection and improving operational efficiency. The Smart Compliance strategy embodies these goals.

In 2021, Compliance actions were driven by the components of the Group project in the following areas:

  • Utility to society. The fight against financial crimes, the financing of terrorism, and money laundering and compliance with international sanctions and embargoes are a priority. Fifty percent of the compliance employees are dedicated to this, which is to say over 900 people in the Group who every day analyse 60 million third parties.


  • Usefulness to customers. Quality of service and transparency towards the customer are central to our efforts, including a comprehensive system to eliminate annoyances as part of our striving for excellence. Prevention, detection and support software are also used as ways to assist customers with precarious finances. In addition, as part of protecting the privacy and personal data of our stakeholders, especially our customers, particular attention is paid to the duty to provide individuals with information. Thus, in 2021, the Regional Banks promulgated a new Personal Data Protection Policy.


  • Usefulness to employees. Implementation of an innovative strategy to simplify, disseminate and create the free flow of compliance throughout the Group by natively integrating a compliance viewpoint into all projects.


  • Usefulness to the environment. Transformation of advisory services and financial products so as to offer a range consistent with customer and societal expectations.



Putting the Group’s ethical culture into practice is also an integral part of our compliance missions and occurs on three levels:

  • The Code of Ethics to promote the values of local focus, responsibility and social solidarity,
  • The codes of conduct for the operational implementation of these values and
  • The Corpus Fides, to identify and translate the rules and developments found in the area of compliance.

of Group employees have received ethics awareness training


of Group entities have deployed the alert system

+ 100,000

hours of training devoted to Compliance within the Group

Major progress in the OFAC program:

  • 100 % of milestone reached in April 2021.
  • Five years of profound transformation aimed at greater control of the risks related to international sanctions.

The whistleblower system

The Group has set up is a comprehensive one that uses a web-based application. This application allows any employee or person from outside the company (especially a service provider or supplier) to securely report any situation that he or she deems abnormal (corruption, fraud, harassment, discrimination, etc.). It is deployed in more than 300 entities and covers nearly 150,000 people.

The Compliance Valley innovation laboratory created in 2019 is:

  • A community of over 100 employees dedicated to finding innovative solutions.
  • 400 projects submitted as Compliance Innovation Challenges.
  • Some twenty projects with start-ups launched by the Compliance Department within the Group.
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