Logo/CA/Couleur Integrated report 2021-2022

WHY IT IS CREDIBLE A responsible and committed governance

Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Governance balances the interests of the customers of the entities comprising the Group, societal issues and the respect for the mutual values that form the basis of the identity of Crédit Agricole group.


Directors, including 18 elected at the General Meeting

2021, a highly mobilised Board

The effects of governmental supports and the process of emerging from the health crisis were central to the Board of Directors’ work in 2021, which was also deeply affected by an accelerated need to support customers through its societal project in their energy transition.

Relying on its financial strength and the resilience of its financial performance, the Board’s actions were guided by a desire to support the Group’s customers and continue to contribute to their projects, to increase profitability in the service of shareholders, and so to secure the economy. At the same time, the Board endeavoured to draw lessons from this crisis and the accelerations it is causing, particularly in digital uses and in the energy transition. Accordingly, it continued to execute the societal and environmental component of the Medium-Term Strategic Plan by formalising ten commitments around three themes: climate and the transition to a low-carbon economy, strengthening social cohesion and inclusion, and the transition of the food industry. In an environment marked by uncertainty, the ongoing discussions between the Board and Executive Management reflected the same desire on both sides for a new model of prosperity that respects the environment and is adapted to new needs.


Approves and sets the strategic guidelines proposed by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A., authorises strategic investments, determines the general principles of internal financial organisation and supervises the Group’s operations, notably as regards risk.


In 2021, the Board held 11 plenary meetings, including a seminar dedicated to the CSR issues of its business activities. The Risk Committee met 16 times, including nine times jointly with the Audit Committee.


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