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Acting every day in the interest of our clients and society 2021, our purpose in action

In 2021, we have demonstrated on a daily basis our willingness and ability to serve the economy by accompanying our clients and society in the economic recovery from the health crisis

Crédit Agricole’s goal is to be the trusted partner of all its customers:

Its solidity and the diversity of its expertise enable it to provide long-term support to each of its customers in their day-to-day lives and their life projects, helping them to protect themselves against unforeseen events and to plan for the long term.
He is committed to seeking and protecting the interests of his clients in all his actions.
It advises them with transparency, loyalty and education.
It places human responsibility at the heart of its model: it is committed to ensuring that all its clients benefit from the best technological practices, while guaranteeing them access to teams of competent men and women who are available locally and responsible for the entire relationship.

Proud of its cooperative and mutualist identity, supported by a governance of elected representatives of its customers, Crédit Agricole :
Supports the economy, entrepreneurship and innovation in France and abroad:
It is naturally mobilized for its territories.
It is deliberately committed to social and environmental issues, supporting progress and change.
It serves everyone: from the most modest households to the most fortunate, from local professionals to major international companies.
This is how Crédit Agricole’s usefulness and proximity to its customers are expressed, and how its 142,000 employees are committed to delivering relational and operational excellence.

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An increase in social inequalities
  • Territorial divides within countries, a source of inequality
  • Jobs and growth concentrated in urban areas
  • Erosion of purchasing power, feeling of impoverishment of the middle class
  • Presence in all regions via the Group’s various networks
  • Development of banking, social and entrepreneurial accessibility
  • Declining profitability of banking businesses in certain geographic areas
  • Amundi’s Social Impact Fund dedicated to reducing social inequalities
  • 1st social bond mission by Crédit Agricole S.A. for €1bn
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